PR for startups

Webinar: PR for startups – how to get on the front page without a large budget

We all know the value of getting your startup mentioned in the media. It increases awareness, credibility and it might even result in customer leads.

But how do you do it in real life? Especially if you are a startup without a huge budget to spend on PR consultants?

To answer this question, I’ve reached out to a startup that has nailed PR: FORM – the maker of AR swim goggles. Their Director of Marketing, William Parry, will share tips and tricks on how to be getting PR coverage.

Target group: Startup founders and employees interesting in how to use PR

What you will learn? Whether you’re a small business with a modest budget or big company with lots of resources there will be actionable approaches to how you can secure great PR coverage. The key is getting creative!

The webinar will take place Tuesday June 30th 17.00-18.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) and will be recorded.

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William Parry
Director of Marketing, FORM

After moving to Vancouver, Canada from the UK in early 2012, Will needed to get a job. With a degree in History, one of the last places you may have thought would’ve been a good fit was a tech startup. 8 years on Will has experienced a great deal, from releasing multiple groundbreaking augmented reality sports eyewear products, experiencing acquisition and all it entails by one of the tech mega-brands, to going back to square one and doing it all again with a new startup venture. Along the way, Will has secured substantial coverage in leading publications globally at important times for these companies and products. While he is more than happy to share tactics and strategies that have lead to great results, while not having to spend a lot on achieving these results too!

Go-to-market SEO og Google Ads for startups (webinar)

Webinar: How to use search engines (organic and paid) in your startup’s go-to-market strategy?

There is much to take care off when you launch a product or service, but one of the low hanging fruits is visibility on Google search for people actually searching and showing a need for what you offer. In this webinar you will learn about search engine optimization and Google Ads, and what you should be aware of when you make your website and how to advertise with a good return on ad spend.

I (Nicolaj Højer) will do a brief intro to the subject – seen from a founder and business angel perspective, followed by an expert in search engine optimization and marketing – Jacob Kildebogaard – as main speaker.

Target group: Beginners in search marketing/optimization

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The webinar will take place Tuesday May 26h 9.00-10.15 CEST (Central European Summer Time) and will be recorded.

About Jacob Kildebogaard: Jacob is one of the leading danish digital marketeers, author, international speaker and agency founder. In 2011 Jacob founded of a search agency which in 2017 was merged with two other agencies to a datacentric digital agency with focus on creating results based on data. Today Jacob is media director and partner in Ambition, an award winning Danish digital agency.

SoMe/FB advertising for startups

Webinar: Friday May 15th 9.00-10.15 CEST. The webinar will be recorded, so feel free to signup even if you can’t join the specific time. We will send the recording out to all afterwards.

What does it really take for a startup to use Facebook and other paid SoMe channels as an effective lead generator? Which products are suited for FB and Instagram advertising and which types of content do you need to drive down the customer acquisition cost?

This is the topic of my next webinar, where we will dig into the pros and cons of using paid Social Media marketing – seen from a startup perspective.

I (Nicolaj Højer) will do a brief intro to the subject – seen from a founder and business angel perspective. Then we will have a Social Media Marketing expert – Nick Traulsen from The Marketing Guy , who will share tips and tricks on how startups can succeed with FB/Instagram marketing.

The webinar will take place Friday May 15th 9.00-10.15 CEST (Central European Summer Time) and will be recorded.

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Email marketing for startups (webinar)

Friday April 24th 9.00-10.00am CEST

Most startups suck at email marketing. That includes most of the startups I’ve founded or invested in. Most startups don’t take fully advantage of the possibility to utilize email marketing in the various steps of the sales-funnel, all the way from generating interest to loyalty and advocacy.

That’s why I’ve dedicated one of the sessions in my go-to-market class at Copenhagen Business School to e-mail marketing. And I have decided to open up that session to my network via a webinar.

I will personally do a brief intro and then an expert in email marketing – Casper Ackermann – will give a talk with hands-on examples on how startups can use e-mail marketing.

The webinar have been recorded. Fill out the form below, and you will receive link to the full recording of the webinar.

Sales Mindset for Entrepreneurs (webinar)

Friday – April 17th – 8.15 AM CEST

1 hour webinar on sales for startups (open event – normally reserved for CBS-students)

Garrett Brown & Colin Coggins, Adjunct Professors of Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California, are bringing the popular content from their “Sales Mindset for Entrepreneurs” class to Copenhagen Business School for a special, one-hour web event.

Generating sales may be the most difficult and important thing an entrepreneur has to do to build a successful company. They’ll take a narrow focus on why the best salespeople in the world are actually the antithesis of “good salespeople,” why emotional intelligence (EQ) actually equates to Sales IQ, how the best sellers in the world approach sales differently, and other unexpected strategies. Whether you expect to be in a sales role or not, this talk will lay a foundation for the mindset needed to drive your decisions as an entrepreneur, as you begin to sell your product to customers and investors, make key decisions about your market and team, push forward in the face of adversity, and build an inspirational sales culture from the ground up.

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Garrett Brown began his career as a corporate lawyer representing entrepreneurs but decided to leave the law and join a tech startup that would allow him to follow his passion. His first role was selling corporate sponsorships for Fastpoint Games, an online gaming platform. Eventually, he was promoted to run Fastpoint’s Sales and Business Development efforts as VP of Business Development until the company was acquired in 2011. He then helped launch and scale Bitium, an enterprise software company where he served as Chief Revenue Officer until the company was acquired by Google in 2017. Garrett joined Google in a Revenue Management role where he worked with a wide variety of internal teams and learned countless lessons about the inner workings of one of the most recognizable companies in the world. He is now an active startup investor and advisor, an adjunct professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business, and a founding partner of Agency18, a firm that helps companies, build, scale, and inspire sales and revenue teams. 

Colin Coggins is well-known in the tech community for his unique, process-driven approach to repeatable and scalable revenue generation models, sales IQ, emotional intelligence, and technology evangelism. He has held senior leadership roles at several emerging technology companies including SVP of Sales at Bitium (acquired by Google), Mobile Roadie (acquired by Intellectsoft), Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUNWARE), and After Bitium was acquired by Google, Colin went on to lead the global revenue charge as Chief Revenue Officer at Chanje Energy. He now spends a majority of his time teaching, advising, investing, and helping mission-centric companies transition to revenue-forward cultures while staying true to their purpose, as a founding partner of Agency18.

Presentations from CBS event where startups pitch student-jobs

On February 28th 2019, I organized a big event at Copenhagen Business School where 50 startups presented +200 student-jobs and internships in front of 1000 students.

21 of these startups were at stage pitching the open opportunities: Usertribe, Valuer, Compocket,  Penneo, Pleo, Rehfeld Medical, Brain+, Snowminds ApS, Startup Guide, Fenris Motorcycles, Clareply, FitforKids, Swiipe Payments, SupWiz, PlatoScience, 24Slides, Soundboks, Motilitycount,  GoBoat, Dixa, Samlino.

I’ve got permission to share their presentations, which you can view via this link.

Best regards,

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Tommy Andersen – Libratone: How to build a successful brand and go-to-market strategy for Libratone

I had the pleasure of having Tommy Andersen (the serial entrepreneur and investor) visiting my class at CBS. Here Tommy gave a great 1-hour lecture on how to build the branding strategy, distribution and go-to-market strategy for the successful startup Libratone.

Tommy also shares insights on how he managed to get the distribution-partnership with Apple, even before Libratone had made its first product. A partnership that turned out to be pivotal for the branding and distribution of the Libratone speakers.

Watch the video via link above or here.

Janek Borgmann, CEO at Why leave Google for Penneo

Why would anyone leave a fantastic company like Google to join a small startup called Penneo?

In this video, Janek Borgmann (CEO of, explains why he decided to leave Google to join Penneo (the leading Nordic provider of digital signature SaaS).

Janek also shares how Penneo has managed to come from zero to 800 enterprise customers in less than four years.

Venture Capital Fund: How does a VC fund work

How does a VC fund work?

Many founders only know about Venture Capital Funds from the media, and don’t really know how a VC fund operates. Watch this brief 4 minute video and learn how a VC fund is run and the implications for the type of startups a VC fund is interested investing in. Hint: A VC fund is only interested in startups that can become VERY big, VERY fast.

Startup teams

How to build a startup team?

Building a great startup always starts with the creation of a fantastic team.

In this talk, Nicolaj Højer Nielsen shares his experience building startup teams, gained from being both a serial entrepreneur and early-stage investor in multiple startups.

Nicolaj’s talk on startup teams was originally given at Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark (FED) in the Autumn of 2017.